What is qualitative research?

Qualitative research is a type of market research that aims to establish the reasons behind human behaviour, rather than just the incidences of that behaviour. It monitors subjective responses, such as feelings, moods and emotions, rather than actions and objective opinions.

For this reason, qualitative research is usually done in small groups called focus groups. This type of market research involves discussions and interactions, and the exploration of the reasons behind the responses that are given. Focus groups can happen face to face, or can take place as an interactive blog style discussion online. Qualitative research can also be conducted as telephone interviews.

Qualitative samples can be relatively small, as the data produced is not analysed statistically. However, the selection of the focus group is a key factor, as it is important to be sure that you are getting the reaction of the right people.

The advantage of qualitative market research is that it gives you insight into the way people are feeling about your product or service. However the disadvantage is that this data cannot be accurately analysed using statistics and so reliable predictions cannot be produced.

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