• Respondent Registration

    Please READ the following terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with your application, and only click "I Accept the Terms" and "Submit" should you accept the below: FGUK Research is a market research agency who collect and maintain a database of people's personal details such as occupation and various other details. This information has been supplied to FGUK Research by yourself above and further details can be added in your personal account once registered. This data is held for the sole purpose of finding suitable consumers to take part in market research projects and associated activities. All projects and associated activities are entered into strictly at the discretion of yourself, and under no circumstances will your personal details be passed on, or sold, to any other company, organisation, individual, or institution without prior written consent from yourself. Your personal details may be disclosed to companies and organisations only where you have been selected to take part in a market research activity for that company or organisation. Any details passed on to these companies will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Applicants agree to being contacted either by email, telephone and text messages, for no other purpose other than the notification of matters pertaining to research projects or associated activities. You agree for FGUK Research to contact yourself through the aforementioned methods during the following times: Monday to Saturday 8am to 9pm. You agree for FGUK Research to contact you after any market research event that you have attended either by phone or email inorder to gain further feedback or ask additional questions. Should you wish to change this at anytime please email info@focusgroupsuk.com. Applicant agrees to provide truthful and factual information whilst registering as well as when answering questions for future projects both verbally and via our website. You agree not to register more than once with our website and you confirm that you have provided your full name as well as data of birth as displayed in your passport. You agree for us to store you IP (Internet Protocol) address. You agree to arrive 15 minutes early for any market research events and will provide 24 hours notice should you be unable to attend. You agree to be contacted by FGUK Research after the market research event by one of the aforementioned contact methods to gain further feedback on the market research event you have taken part in. Should you arrive late for a market research the client has the right to refuse entry as well as refuse payment of any incentive. I declare that I will not disclose to any other individuals or parties any information discussed or disclosed during any market research event in which I take part, nor the name any companies or organisations involved in the event. I understand that an audio-visual recording of any market research event I take part in may be recorded and kept for analysis later. Membership of the FGUK Research database is completely free. No notice period is required from the applicant to be removed from the FGUK Research database, and no charges for removal from the FGUK Research database will be incurred. This process can take upto 48 hours. Applicants are protected by the Market Research Society's code of conduct, and are fully compliant with the strict confidentiality of the information that they may be party to when participating in market research projects and associated activities. To view the MRS's code of conduct please click on this link http://www.mrs.org.uk/standards/codeconduct.htm Applicants are fully prepared to sign confidentiality agreements to protect any third party client's interests, when and where necessary. I accept that FGUK can withdraw my application at any time without reason. Should you not agree to the above terms of condition please DO NOT CLICK "I accept the terms". Should you wish to join but disagree with certain terms above please email info@focusgroupsuk.com outlining the terms you disagree with.