Facilities to match your budget

As part of our complete service for our clients, Focus Groups UK can arrange high quality viewing facilities across the country for your video presentations, promotional films and TV commercials. These luxury, air conditioned studios are available in most major cities, bringing your research within easy reach of audiences wherever they are in Britain.

Studio facilities include DVD recording of the sessions for later analysis. Many also offer two way mirror viewing rooms to allow your team, or our expert staff, to observe reactions and responses first hand.

Alternatively, if budgets are tight, Focus Groups UK can arrange viewings in domestic homes across the country, with expert moderators and evaluators on hand to record and analyse the responses of the group.

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Studio facilities include:

  • Seating for 10 respondents per room

  • Wi-fi connection

  • Full recording facilities (MP3, DVD & hard drive)

  • High quality video recording for groups and depth interviews


Viewing room facilities include:

Viewing space for 6 - 10 observers

  • Large two-way sound proofed mirror

    Wi-fi connection

    Headphone sockets for instant translation/note taking

    Fully stocked fridge with a wide range of refreshments

    Breakout rooms