A history of high quality

Focus Groups UK have been setting the standard in high quality market research recruitment for over a decade, assessing a wide range of products, services and ideas for an impressive range of global brands, international agencies and independent clients. But we don’t just work for these organisations, we form lasting relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

With a highly experienced and successful senior team, and an extensive database of over a quarter of a million respondents, Focus Groups UK strives for the very best results from each and every study, with a flexible, friendly and honest approach at all times. We treat every focus group recruitment project as if it were our first and last, delivering first rate project management, essential cost efficiencies and the highest quality results every time.


Whatever your target group, we can proactively recruit the people you need, reaching respondents from all levels, from business decision makers to home makers, corporate executives to consumers, doctors to dock workers.

What’s more, we deliver every project in a fully transparent and accessible way, giving you unrivalled access throughout the course of your study through our unique web portal. This allows you to track and adapt the research in real time so you can respond to the unexpected while the research is still live, improving your insight and saving time and money on further studies.